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Metroid Prime Federation Force Game for the Nintendo 3DS

The Metroid Prime series is one of the best games that Nintendo has published. The iconic Samus Aran is a bounty hunter and she must do whatever it takes to save humanity from some aliens and other infestations.

But, there was a new game that dons the Metroid moniker but it is actually just a spin-off of the popular game.

Today, I am going to talk about the Metroid Prime Federation Force Game for the Nintendo 3DS. This, as previously stated, is a spin-off of the original game but this time, you will not be controlling Samus Aran and you will not be alone.

Instead, you are going to be with a team. In other words, this game is a multiplayer cooperative game as opposed to being a loner saving humanity.

This game is much like Destiny when you’re playing Strike missions but the game also has unique gameplay elements as well.

Before starting the mission, you and two of your buddies will have to load yourselves up with weapons and ammunition.

Some weapons you can carry are missiles, laser guns, machine guns, and so on. And, you are not going to be a human fighting aliens but you are going to make use of those huge mechs that can carry heavy firepower.

You do have to note that each Mech can only carry a certain weight so you and your buddies will have to deliberate on who brings what weapon.

The next thing you need to be aware of is that each mission has unique objectives. These objectives range from killing all of the enemies in the area to special modes where you have to play some sort of space football.

The space football part is actually quite fun and it is quite reminiscent to that of Rocket League, except, you’re not going to use cars but you’re going to use mechs.

I love the fact that the Metroid Prime Federation Force Game for the Nintendo 3DS is a deviation from the original Metroid formula.

This game centers more on teamwork as opposed to playing alone and it is quite nice for you to be able to play with other players to achieve a common goal for a change.

The Metroid Prime Federation Force Game for the Nintendo 3DS also requires a bit of strategy as well. As previously mentioned, you can only carry a certain amount of weight and each weapon and ammunition will have their own set of weights.

You need to decide among your teammates on who brings this or that and if the player chooses a certain weapon, they should be the one leading the way if that weapon is going to prove advantageous in a certain map your group is in.

Metroid Prime Federation Force Game for the Nintendo 3DS is a breath of fresh air and it is actually quite enjoyable.

This game has just been recently released but I can see that this game is going to be quite popular in the months to come.

This game is published by Nintendo and is available for the Nintendo 3DS portable game console.