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Mighty No. 9

The Mega Man franchise, one of the best side-scrolling shooting games of all time, is long dead. It’s been dead for years but there are still a lot of fans that are clamoring for a big comeback.

Capcom, the company that released the Mega Man franchise on the gaming market, is not putting their money on another Mega Man title because they are venturing to other genres. They feel that a lot of gamers have outgrown the side-scrolling shooting genre since new games come every year, most especially because VR gaming is just around the corner.

But, fans really want Mega Man back. So, Keiji Inafune, the person who is responsible for creating the Mega Man games, took it upon himself to recreate the magic formula that was present in Mega Man games of the past.

After some crowdfunding, Inafune finally releases a Mega Man-ish game called “Mighty No. 9”.

Now, because Mighty No. 9 took the same formula that made Mega Man a great gaming franchise, a lot of people had high expectations for this game.

Unfortunately, the game fell short in delivering what would’ve been a successful comeback of the side-scrolling shooter genre. To put it bluntly, the game was unpolished, uninspired, and it just feels like it was rushed (even though it took roughly 3 years to make).

Mighty No. 9 takes on the story of Beck. Beck is one of the best robots that Dr. White has created.

There was a crisis and Dr. Light wants Beck to step in and do something about it. Although the idea is great, the story is just flat and boring.

Anyway, Beck has the typical Arm Cannon that Mega Man has. Beck also needs to slay some bosses and you can also get their main weapons as well.

The thing is, Beck’s arm cannon is already very powerful. It is so powerful, in fact, that sometimes you don’t need other weapons to finish the job.

Another disappointing thing about the game is the level design. I cannot understand how, in 3 years, that the game is still so unpolished. There are some levels where the things are just not quite right. Heck, there was even an underwater stage where the colors were really washed out; making me think if this was a glitch or the actual graphics of the game.

Listen, I am the kind of person who never listens to reviews or critics as I do play the game itself and make my own opinions about it.

Unfortunately, I will have to go with their assessment as this game is just rushed in my opinion. So rushed, in fact, that there are a lot of unpolished elements in the game.

It’s kind of sad, really. This game was supposed to be a platform to make Capcom rethink that they need to revive Mega Man again. Unfortunately, this game just made it worse, making them think that their decision for not continuing the franchise is justified.

The only saving grace of this game is that it is available in various gaming platforms such as the PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 game consoles.

I am not saying it is that bad; I am just saying that the experience is not worth it for me.