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Linksys AC750 RE6300 Wifi Range Extender

Linksys is a household name when it comes to routers, and now, they also ventured into creating quality WiFi Range extenders as well. Just currently released is the new Linksys AC750 RE6300 WiFi Range Extender.

The RE6300 offers a plethora of features that will really persuade you to buy this one. I know how deadspots can be so frustrating, especially if you want to surf the internet when you’re lying on your bed and you’re not getting any WiFi signals, for example.ac750

Here are the features of the RE6300 WiFi Range Extender:

Up to N300 +AC433 MBPS Speed- Dual Band Wireless Range Extender brings speed and reliability, wherever you are.

  • Up to 6,500 sq. ft. Range– Extend the range of your wireless router up to 6,500 sq.ft, eliminating dead zones
  • Spot Finder Technology– Easy to Use, mobile-guided range extender setup to extend Wi-Fi range throughout your home.
  • Works with any Router– Works with any wireless router, including your service provider’s router.
  • Cross-Band Technology– Maximizes the simultaneous use of both bands for high-speed data transfer and uninterrupted streaming and gaming.
  • Simultaneous Dual Band (2.4GHz + 5GHz)- Delivers a stronger connection at a wider range than a single band at speeds up to AC750.
  • Beamforming Technology– Optimizes performance by focusing wireless signal to connected devices.
  • Gigabit Ethernet Port– Transfer data 10x faster than Fast Ethernet, ensuring high-speed connectivity for wired devices.

What really impressed me and a lot of people are the RE6300’s range. It can broadcast WiFi signals of up to 6,500 sq. ft. On top of that, the WiFi Range extender also has a slew of other technologies such as the Spot Finder technology to easily extend your Wi-Fi range, Cross-Band technology for maximizing both WiFi bands for uninterruptible data streams, and much more.

How do you make the RE6300 work for your device? Simply press the Push Button connect and it will streamline the process for you! It’s that easy!

Linksys is a prominent router company, so let’s see how this new product fares with the mass public. Here are some reviews of the RE6300:

Megan: “The Linksys AC750 Boost WiFi Range Extender is a neat little device that is easy to setup and works well. The compact unit simply plugs into the wall and has a couple of antennas that swing out from the sides. It’s nice to NOT have to find a place to set it and have cords and/or power supplies to deal with…just plug it into the wall outlet and done!”

Jay: “Gotta love a product that works right out of the box, and for those who refuse to read directions, this couldn’t have been easier to set-up and the results were amazing!!! We have one dead spot in our house that is just far enough away from the WiFi router so that the connectivity is just bad enough to be super annoying. I basically plugged this device into a socket in the hallway. Press a few buttons and within five minutes, instantly better connectivity at the other end of the house!”

The Linksys AC750 RE6300 was just released last October 30, 2015 and it retails for a low price of $89.98.